Cutest Choice Awards: Get Ready Photo Contest

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APHA’s 2019 Get Ready Photo Contest isn’t over yet, and neither is the fun!

Our judges have chosen the lucky 17 photos that will be featured in APHA’s 2020 Get Ready Calendar, but now we’re giving you a chance to choose your favorite from the runners-up!

Cast your vote on which furry or feathered friend looks “most playful” or has the “best smile” and our other fun categories. The top vote-getters in each poll will get their chance in the spotlight, as we’ll be adding captions to the photos and sharing them on APHA social media.

Voting ends Tuesday, Aug. 20, at 5 p.m. ET, so don’t delay!












Take all 10 of the polls in our Cutest Choice Awards!

Which pet is most prepared for rain or shine?

Which pet is the most playful?

Which pet seems most likely to change the world?

Which animal looks the most curious?

Which winter puppy is the cutest?

Which dog or cat looks the comfiest?

Which pet has the best smile?

Which pet has the best eyes?

Which pair looks like they're best buds?

Which dog looks like the best traveling companion?