Cutest Choice Awards: Get Ready Photo Contest

Congratulations to the 12 winners!

More than 600 votes were cast in our online polls for the Get Ready Cutest Choice awards, and we’re honored to announce the adorable winners.

We'll be captioning these photos and using them on social media, so they'll be getting even more time in the spotlight.

And stay tuned for even more pics in APHA’s 2020 Get Ready Calendar, coming in December, and our Get Ready Desktop Calendars!

Let's give a big preparedness hooray to these animals & their photogs!



























Which pet is the most playful?
Boston, by Lindsey Thompson

Which pet seems most likely to change the world?
Food bank dog, by Jeanne Johnston

Which animal looks the most curious?
Emerald the goat smizing, by Candace Bright

Which winter puppy is the cutest?
Peyton, by Alyssa Craig

Which dog or cat looks the comfiest?
Lucy, by Erin Ayad

Which pet has the best smile?
Horse smile, by Jean Weston

Which pet has the best eyes?
Rolly Cat, by Melinda Szalay

Which pair looks like they're best buds?
Gracy and Lucy, by Deb Houry

Which dog looks like the best traveling companion?
Driving dog, by Michelle Williams

Which pet is most prepared for rain or shine?
Raincoat dog, by Susan