Gallery for APHA's Get Ready Cat Preparedness Photo Contest

APHA's Get Ready Cat Preparedness Photo Contest was an enormous success! Our judges chose 23 photos to promote preparedness via our Get Ready 2013 Catastrophes Calendar. The winning photos are shown below and are included in our calendar. We also feature more of the submitted photos on Pages 2 and 3 of this photo gallery.

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Winning photos from APHA's Get Ready Cat Preparedness Photo Contest

Ready for weather updates

Sandra Senter, photo of Hudson

Have extra blankets

Kristi Yingling, photo of Sol

Make sure you go-bad is packed!

Rosemary Calhoun, photo of Zak

Have a change of clothes

Katie Wheeler, photo of Huckleberry

Buddy cats

Kayla Prince, photo of Morgan and Spencer

Disaster cat is ready!

Elisabeth Adams, photo of Saffron

Shelter in place cat

Robin Straughan, photo of Susie

Who are you calling unprepared?

Isabella Zutrau-Pell, photo of Fatboy

Bathtub cat

Chelsea Kolander, photo of Lacey

Sneaky and Penny

Tanya Weigel, photo of Sneaky and Penny

Fraidy cat

Liza King, photo of Suggs

Don't get all wound up!

Meghan McPherson, photo of Dexter

Have a plan for all types of storms

Jan Klawitter, photo of NouVelle

Be prepared for bad weather

Colleen Hodges, photo of Valerie

Well stocked stockpile

Jill Ortman-Fouse, photo of Nevada

Where to meet in a disaster

Jill Trescott, photo of Roller Girl, Reggie, Rex, Archie, Baby Brother, Betty, Veronica

Sofa Cat

Scarlett Pack, photo of Ernie

Flashlight cat

Nicole Softness, photo of Flashlight Cat

Snow Cat

Karen Late Hamilton, photo of Cooper

Relaxed cat

Michele Late, photo of Ernie

Soggy Cat

Michelle Holshue, photo of Buddy

GoGo hypnotic

Kim Krisberg, photo of GoGo (calendar cover)

Thirsty Cat

Christine Flinton, photo of Oscar

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