Are you prepared for a disease outbreak? Lessons from 'Contagion'

If a disease outbreak happened today, would you be prepared? The movie "Contagion" is raising awareness of disease outbreaks, with more people wondering how they can be prepared. The Get Ready campaign is here to help.


New movie puts public health, infectious disease in spotlight
This exclusive news story from The Nation's Health, APHA's newspaper, takes an inside look at the movie and the science behind it.

Exclusive: Behind the scenes of ‘Contagion’ with The Nation's Health
Movies about disease outbreaks, with their often-exaggerated portrayals of public health workers,Flu are nothing new. But this month, the movie “Contagion” brings the outbreak theme to the silver screen in a new package.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie chronicles the rapid worldwide spread of a deadly airborne virus, the public health response to it and the societal disruption that results....For “Contagion,” the movie’s creators worked to strike a balance between entertainment and accuracy, bringing in experts to consult on the complexities of public health response work and visiting the nation’s public health headquarters at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Resources from the Get Ready campaign
Learn more about being prepared for a disease outbreak with these free resources from Get Ready.

Q&As with public health experts

ChicksAnimal diseases: How much of a concern are they to our health: Q&A with Lonnie King, DVM
Learn about diseases that pass from animals to humans, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Read the Q&A or listen to podcast: Part 1 and 2

Preventing pandemic flu and infectious diseases in children: Q&A with Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP
Kotch offers advice on keeping kids safe from flu and other diseases, from child care settings to college campuses. Read the Q&A


Get Ready fact sheets & information

The Get Ready campaign offers a wealth of information about preventing disease. Download these fact sheets to learn how you can stay safe and healthy.

EID fact sheet• FAQs: Pandemic and Seasonal Flu
What is swine flu, aka H1N1 flu? How can I reduce my risk of getting flu? What is pandemic flu? Find these answers and more. (PDF) English or Spanish

Emerging infectious diseases fact sheet
What are the most common emerging infectious diseases, and how can you prevent them? (PDF)

Pandemic flu fact sheet
How to protect yourself from pandemic flu, as well as signs and symptoms. (PDF) English or Asian/Pacific Islander languages

•  Get Ready Pandemic Flu Kids Guide
Download a PDF of the Get Ready Kids' Guide on Pandemic Flu with info on H1N1. English or Spanish (PDFs)

Quarantine: Scary scenario, or practical approach?
What will really happen is a disease outbreak strikes? (PDF) English or Spanish

Pandemic flu: What's all the fuss about?
Learn what pandemic flu is and why you should care. (PDF)

Traveler's advice for preventing the spread of infectious disease
If you aren't careful, you could end up bringing home an uninvited guest to meet the family: infectious disease. (PDF) English or Spanish

Vaccines: General information
Find out how vaccines keep us safe from infectious diseases. (PDF) English or Spanish

Visit the Get Ready fact sheet page for more materials


Hand-washing materials

The Get Ready campaign offers a series of fact sheets in English and Spanish on hand-washing, which is essential to stopping the spread of disease.

Hand-washing fact sheet Hand-washing FAQs
How long should I wash my hands? Should I use warm or hot water? Read our frequently asked questions on hand-washing to find out. Read the answers to find out!

Free materials include PDFs of:
• General hand-washing tips English or Spanish
• Hand-washing tips for kids English or Spanish
• Hand-washing tips for parents and caregivers English or Spanish

For more hand-washing fact sheets, see the Get Ready hand-washing page.


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