FAQs: APHA's Get Ready Pup-Preparedness Photo Contest

Does it have to be my dog?

No, but you should have permission of the dog’s owner to take the photo and enter the contest.

Is this just about preparing your dog for an emergency?

No, this is a play on preparedness for humans. Though having a plan for your pets is an important part of being prepared. See our photo gallery for some example photos.

Can people be in the photos?

Yes. But if there is a person in the photo, we’ll need you to get a signed photo release from them. (Download a photo release form) The focus should still be on the dog, though.

Should I send a photo with a caption on it?

No, please send your photo without words or a caption. We’ll add that here so that they all have the same font and size, etc. You can include a suggested caption in the email, but don’t put it on the photo itself.

What size should the photo be? What about cellphone pics?

As we are hoping to print a calendar, bigger photos are better. (6.5 inches x 9 inches at 300 DPI is ideal.) Photos taken with a real camera are best. But if all you have is a cellphone pic, go ahead and send it.

What’s the prize?

Winning photos will be featured in a Get Ready calendar. Submitters will win copies of the calendar if they are printed. There are no other prizes.

What kind of calendar is it?

We are planning to create a calendar for APHA’s Get Ready campaign that features winning photos and preparedness tips.

Do you own my photo? What will you do with it?

You will retain ownership of your photo. But by submitting your photo you are granting APHA unlimited, irrevocable, uncompensated licensing rights to your photo. That’s so we can use it for things like marketing, promotion, editorial use and communication, etc. We won’t sell or relicense your actual photo, but we may sell or give away a calendar or T-shirt, etc., that has your photo on it to promote preparedness.

How will photos be judged? Who picks the winners? How many winners will there be?

The photos will be judged for quality, applicability to preparedness and general appeal. A committee from APHA’s Get Ready team will pick the winning photos. There will be at least 12 winners chosen.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced by Sept. 17 on the Get Ready website.

How do I enter?

Entries are now closed! Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Where’s the fine print?

As in any contest, we have legal rules and regulations. Check them out here.


No dogs may be harmed in the making of these photos! Be kind to our furry canine friends.

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