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If you're a fan of APHA's Get Ready campaign, we know you love to be prepared as much as we do. To help you spread the message, we created some Get Ready e-cards so that you can share the importance of preparedness with your loved ones.

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    Use Tax Day to raise awareness of preparedness!

    Tax Day

    Tax Day is coming...Do you know what else is taxing? Emergencies! Don't be caught off guard: Make a preparedness plan for your family and animal companions.



    Raise awareness of flood risks this April with our myths and facts!

    April myths and facts

    Are you ready for April showers? Myth #1: Authorities and relief agencies will provide shelter, food and medicine for everyone during a flood. Fact: Emergency officials may not be able to reach you right away. You should be prepared with enough emergency supplies for at least the first 72 hours after a flood. Don't be April Fooled!

    Are you ready for April showers? Myth #2: If you live in a 50-year flood zone, you are safe from flood for 50 years. Fact: A 50-year flood zone is guaranteed to have a flood at least every 50 years. But that doesn't mean floods can't come earlier, too. Don't be April Fooled!

    Are you ready for April showers? Myth 3: I don't need to store water for an emergency. Fact: Water systems can be contaminated during floods. Storing enough bottled water for at least three days is important. Don't be April Fooled!


    Use St. Patrick's Day to raise awareness of preparedness!

    Leprechaun e-card

    Leprechauns may be lucky, but they're not very useful during a power outage. Don't rely on luck during an emergency! Have your preparedness plan in place before a disaster occurs.

    Shamrock cards

    Don't leave it to luck! Be prepared. Make a plan for emergencies.


    Flu season preparedness


    This flu season, make sure love is the only thing in the air.

    Flu Shot

    You give me fever - But please don't give me the flu.


    Get Ready Mother's Day e-cards

    Send one of our Mother's Day e-cards and help Mom be more prepared for emergencies!


    Mom, you are the sunshine of my life. Let's make sure you know how to protect yourself from a heat wave!


    Mom, I know you love chocolate...but nothing says "I love you" like this Preparedness Pudding! Let's make sure we have food supplies for a recipe like this in case of a disaster.

    Mom stockpile

    I don't know what I'd do without you, Mom. Let's make a stockpile so I know that you will be ok in a disaster!


    Holiday e-cards from Get Ready

    Send one of our new holiday e-cards and be more prepared for emergencies!

    Rudolph preparedness ecard


    Make sure Rudolph is the only one with a red nose this winter. Protect yourself from the flu and be sure to know how to keep safe and healthy during the winter.

    Chestnuts ecard

    Chestnuts roasting on an open it's a good thing we put new batteries in our smoke alarms and purchased a fire extinguisher for our home. This winter, make sure your home is prepared for emergencies.


    Send a Groundhog Day e-card!

    Groundhog Day e-card

    Regardless of what my shadow says, spring or winter, it's still not too late to get your flu shot. Flu season is longer than you think. Be sure to get vaccinated.


    Spread the official word about preparedness this President's Day!

    Lincoln e-card

    For over four score and seven years...I've been washing my hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and scrubbing vigorously to keep myself and others around me healthy.

    Presidential portraits e-card

    Every president wants a healthy nation! Do your part and get a flu shot!



    Share your love for preparedness with our Valentine's Day e-cards

    Puppy love e-card

    Even puppy love deserves a plan for emergencies. From snowstorms to the flu, let's prepare for winter weather together.



    I want to be the only one to sweep you off your feet.


    You light up my life!


    Include pets in your emergency plan!


    I wanna hold your hand...

    Emergency Plan

    Let's stay together, even in an emergency.


    I feel the earth move... Let's make sure we're ready in case an earthquake hits.


    There's no one I'd rather shelter in place with than you.



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