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Get Ready Now!: Special holiday 2009 issue (December 2009)

Are you ready for a winter storm? See our helpful preparation tips

Storms‘Tis the season to prepare in the event of an unexpected winter storm.

Take stock of what you have in your home and make sure you have the following supplies: battery-powered radio with extra batteries, food that can be eaten without cooking, plenty of bottled water, candles and matches, enough oil for your furnace for heat and a gas-powered heat source.

It’s also a good idea to get your car ready to weather the elements. Make sure you have antifreeze, a snow scraper, a flash light, tow chains and a bag of salt. When avoidable, it is best not to drive in poor conditions. Also, remember to check up on neighbors, especially the elderly and most vulnerable, to see if they are okay.

For additional information, check out our fact sheet on “How to Get Ready for Winter Storms” (PDF). It is also available in Spanish.

Check out our new fact sheet on supplies for colds and flu

If you come down with a cold or the flu, would you have enough supplies to take care of yourself without tisueheading to the store? Check out the new fact sheet (PDF) from APHA’s Get Ready campaign to see what you’ll need and stock up in advance.

If you are not sure whether you have a cold or the flu, read this Healthy You tipsheet (PDF) from The Nation’s Health.

Get Ready booth wins first prize at APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition

boothThe 137th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition, held Nov. 6–10 in Philadelphia, took place in the heart of flu season while H1N1 vaccines were still in the beginning stages of distribution. It was a perfect time both to educate attendees on steps they can take to minimize their risk of getting the flu and to arm them with communication strategies and materials to spread the word in their communities.

APHA hosted a Get Ready booth that was stocked with brochures and fact sheets on topics from pandemic flu to overall disaster preparedness as well ideas on how to hold local events to help educate the public. The Get Ready campaign booth distributed over 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer for use at the convention and nearly 5,000 CDs containing a wealth of materials that can be easily printed and distributed. All materials can also be downloaded on the Get Ready Web site. The booth was designed and funded in conjunction with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To request a free copy of the CD, e-mail APHA.

Get Ready news from the Connecticut Public Health Association

One of the Connecticut Public Health Association’s noted events this past year was the Vote & Vax campaign. The event reached six different communities and vaccinated many high-priority individuals. CPHA conducted round table discussions at the annual state flu summit and participated in the Connecticut Influenza Pneumococcal Immunization Coalition.

To expand the awareness of Get Ready, CPHA provided Get Ready materials to secondary students and hosted a poster competition that concluded at the Affiliate’s annual meeting.

Get Ready news from the Iowa Public Health Association

In an effort to keep its members involved in the preparedness movement, the Iowa Public Health Association adopted several ongoing Get Ready activities, such as e-newsletter updates, disseminating materials via various meetings and facilitating a letterwriting campaign. The unprecedented damage and stress to Iowa’s public health system from the floods and tornadoes in 2008 raised the need for an increased emphasis on preparedness.

IPHA highlighted the experiences, lessons learned and challenges of the public health responders in their newsletter as public health preparedness continues to be at the forefront of issues for IPHA advocacy.

Get Ready news from the Kansas Public Health Association

Promoting the Get Ready campaign is a priority for Kansas Public Health Association. Get Ready materials have been distributed throughout the state at various meetings including: health fairs, the governor’s health conference and via newsletters.

This past year, the Association’s executive director met with the Kansas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to discuss future collaborative plans. The Affiliate also partnered with local banks to disseminate preparedness materials to educate the community.

Get Ready news from the Maine Public Health Association

Of the various Get Ready activities completed, the Maine Public Health Association collaborated with the national grocery chain Hannaford Brothers to create a flu prevention campaign. The grocery stores provided healthy recipes, stay-well reccomendations and fact sheets.

The association has hopes of expanding their efforts in the future. In observance of National Preparedness Month, MPHA participated in the Brunswick Emergency Preparedness Day.

APHA’s Get Ready Day is a success

samIn conjunction with September’s National Preparedness Month, APHA celebrated its third annual Get Ready Day Sept. 15 by organizing an event at E.W. Stokes Elementary Charter School in Washington, D.C.

APHA staff organized educational games and activities to teach students, parents and the school community about the importance of planning and preparing for all disasters and hazards, including pandemic flu, infectious disease, natural disasters and other emergencies.

Check out photos from 2009 Get Ready Day. You can also visit the Get Ready Calendar to see what other Get Ready events were planned. Get Ready Day 2010 will be held Sept. 21.

Webinars feature social media as tool for flu planning and communications

Interested in learning how social media and new technologies can help with H1N1 and seasonal flu outreach? APHA was a co-host of two recent webinars on the topic with leading social media, technology, crisis communications and health experts.

“Social Media and Technology Breakthroughs for H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Planning and Communications” featured panelists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Google and Microsoft. If you missed them, the webinars are archived and available free.

New Web tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention available

A new content syndication tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enables public health partners to display current CDC content on their Web sites.

The tool gives Web visitors access to the latest science-based health information without leaving the partner’s Web site. When the selected content changes, the syndicated content on the partner's Web site is automatically updated. The tool is an easy, cost-free method for sharing credible health information. A variety of health and safety topics are available for syndication, including H1N1, seasonal flu, chronic diseases and emergency preparedness.

The tool is currently being used by a variety of public health partners including state and local health departments, state and federal agencies, public health organizations, hospitals and universities.

To learn more about content syndication or to begin the registration process, go to

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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