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APHA Affiliates are getting ready!

Get ready for flu! Messages about the importance of being prepared for pandemic flu and other emerging infectious diseases and threats are resonating across the land, from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to New York’s Adirondacks. Learn how partners in state and local public health associations are using Get Ready materials to inform their constituents and to ensure that they are better prepared.


The North Dakota Public Health Association (NDPHA) sponsored a Get Ready display at their annual meeting in Fargo, N.D., in March. During the annual meeting, held in combination with the Dakota Conference on Rural Health and North Dakota Rural Health Association, participants were able to take home many of the materials from the Get Ready Web site. NDPHA members wore Get Ready T-shirts during the conference and distributed magnets to participants to promote the display. 


The Colorado Public Health Association disseminated Get Ready information and materials at the American Nurses Association conference and at Public Health Day at the state’s Capitol. They also plan to collaborate with the state’s pandemic flu campaign in future endeavors to promote preparedness.


The Idaho Public Health Association (IPHA) partnered with the Idaho Environmental Health Association to hold a joint conference promoting public health issues, where they made Get Ready materials and resources available to participants. IPHA also partnered with the Idaho Rural Health Association to hold five regional community-based meetings to increase awareness of preparedness and the Get Ready campaign. The Affiliate is also in the process of enlisting the support of the mayor and local health officials to incorporate the Get Ready materials. At the APHA Annual Meeting in San Diego in October, IPHA will participate in a special session(s) about the Get Ready Campaign.


In Kansas, the Kansas Public Health Association held seven regional forums to discuss health care issues and increase awareness of pandemic flu and the available resources on the Get Ready site. Leaders within the Affiliate encouraged members and forum participants to review the Get Ready podcasts available at http://www.getreadyforflu.org/pg_podcast.htm.


The New York State Public Health Association (NYSPHA) has been actively promoting APHA’s Get Ready campaign through their legislative newsletter and Web site. They also researched the state’s Web site to analyze the pandemic flu information available to the public. NYSPHA is planning to request that APHA’s Get Ready link be added to the state’s site to expand the current resources. These efforts have resulted in an invitation to the state’s emergency preparedness strategic planning meeting. The Affiliate has also contacted schools of public health to share the resources on the Get Ready site. 


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Customize Get Ready materials for your own use!

Co-brand Get Ready fact sheets with your own logo using Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word. Follow the step-by-step instructions found at http://www.getreadyforflu.org/customizeGR.htm, then save and print out copies with your group's logo on them! Before you start, check APHA guidelines for using Get Ready materials.


We'd love to know how you use these materials! Send us an e-mail and tell us your story.


New Get Ready Kids’ Guide to Pandemic Flu

Even kids need to be ready for pandemic flu. The new “Get Ready Kids’ Guide to Pandemic Flu” from APHA’s Get Ready campaign features information aimed at helping children prepare for pandemic flu and other emerging infectious diseases. The guide provides information about making a preparedness kit, basic information about Avian Flu and tips about staying healthy. Visit the Get Ready Web site to download the guide and share it with children in your family and community!


Mark your calendars for Get Ready Day 2008

Help your community be better prepared by celebrating Get Ready Day 2008 on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Held in conjunction with National Preparedness Month, Get Ready Day is an observance designed to raise awareness about the importance of preparedness and the role of the Get Ready campaign. Hold a community preparedness fair or sponsor a preparedness talk at your local senior center. Free materials from the Get Ready campaign can help you plan! APHA celebrated the first-ever Get Ready Day in September 2007 by sponsoring a Get Ready Fun Fest at a local elementary school in Washington, D.C. Stay tuned to learn more about our plans for 2008!


September is National Preparedness Month

2008 marks the 5th annual National Preparedness Month — a national observance encouraging Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security sponsors the month and will work with a range of organizations, including local, state and federal government agencies and the private sector, to emphasize the importance of emer