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Winter's here, and that means colder temperatures — and possible health dangers. From storm safety to flu preparation, APHA's Get Ready campaign has the info you need to make your winter a safe one.

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Do you know how to prepare for winter storms? Our new graphic shares tips for staying safe before, during and after storms.

Check out our great infographics on flu, preparedness and hand-washing, too!


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Watch our music video for tips on packing your stockpile, taking shelter and more. Check out our team in action and get inspired to prepare!


Coloring book Download our coloring book!

Coloring books are a lot of fun. And they're not just for kids anymore! Adult coloring books — which are designed with grown-ups in mind — are a growing trend.

Check out our new Pepper the Prepper Cat Coloring Book for disaster preparedness lessons and coloring awesomeness!


New: Zika virus fact sheet to download and share

mosquitoZika virus is raising a lot of concerns. Read our Zika virus fact sheet in English and Spanish and share it in your community.

Find out more about Zika via APHA's Zika page. Get more tips for fighting the bite on Get Ready's mosquito page.



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flu quizThink you know it all about getting ready for disasters? How's your knowledge of flu vaccinations?

Test your knowledge of preparedness in one of our new Get Ready quizzes and find out just how ready you are.



PDFGet tips to stay safe from the flu

It's almost flu season. Are you ready? Read our new seasonal flu fact sheet for tips on preventing and treating the flu.

And find out why vaccination is the best way to keep you, your family and community safe from getting sick!


Mom reads to sonWhat's in your emergency stockpile?

There are many items you should have in your emergency preparedness stockpile. In fact, we have a long list of supplies that you should have on our Get Ready stockpiling checklist.

But if you don't have time, room or money to get them all, which items are most essential? Check out our top 10 picks.


Mom reads to son

Get Ready Parents Page: Information to share

Getting prepared for an emergency isn’t an adults-only activity. Involving kids in your family’s preparedness activities can be key to helping them stay safe and overcome their fears.


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