APHA currently publishes a number of books that may provide insight on the public health community's role in preparing and responding to emerging public health threats.

A Warning Shot: Influenza and the 2004 Flu Vaccine

A Warning Shot is a story of paradoxes. It is about the failure of government regulatory oversight as well as the heroic efforts of public health officials to respond to the crisis.

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Secret Agents: The Menace of Emerging Infections

Secret Agents

Secret Agents looks at today's new and emerging infections-those that have increased in attack rate or geographic range, or threaten to do so-and tells the stories of scientists racing to catch up with invisible adversaries superior in both speed and guile. Each chapter focuses on a different threat: foodborne pathogens, antibiotic resistance, animals and insectborne diseases, pandemic influenza, infectious causes of chronic disease, and bioterrorism, including the latest information on the public health threats posed by anthrax and diseases such as smallpox.