Get Ready Song Contest


Tulane student chosen as winner of APHA's Get Ready Song Contest

A recent APHA contest allowed the nation’s public health workers to show off one of their lesser-known skills: musical talent.

The contest, held in summer 2007, called on APHA members and the public to write and record a song in support of the Association’s Get Ready campaign. The campaign is working to help Americans, their families and their communities become more prepared for pandemic flu and other emerging infectious diseases.

People from across the nation responded to the call for contest entries, submitting everything from high-energy pop to folky banjo tunes. The songs used rhymes, clever lyrics and catchy beats to bring levity to serious issues such as surveillance, quarantine and preparedness.

"Get Ready," an original song written and performed by Tulane University public health student Joy Elizabeth Sadaly, was chosen as the first-place winner of the contest. "Pandemic Blues," by Lance Waller, PhD, and the Sinners for Disease Control, was named the second-place winner in the contest.

Listen to the winners of the Get Ready Song Contest!

1st. Place
Get Ready
Joy Elizabeth Sadaly
2nd. Place
Pandemic Blues
Lance Waller and the Sinners for Disease Control
(Lance Waller, John Cowden, Michael Starling)
Honorable Mention
No Procrastination
Marina Kamen
Honorable Mention
Get Ready Rap
Jenifer Kirin
Honorable Mention
Pandemic Flu (Get Ready)
Douglas Slaten
Honorable Mention
You Better Prepare Today
APHA member Glenn Hildebrand